The Biggest Lie On The Web

Terms and policy are often too long and we never read them, though it is very important to understand them.  Every time when we sign up for a service we blindly check that option with out even open them.  Terms of service; didn’t read has the remedy for this problem for the better understanding of  the terms. Its is a service where user label and rate the terms of service. The highlighted labels are easy to understand.

Canvasdropr has the best Terms of Service page I’ve seen around. To fix this problem it has come up with its own solution. They have humanized the terms.

Terms of Service: humanize

When you click this humanize button, it turns the TOS in a short and simple that can be easily understood.

humanized terms of service

It would be nice if more services implement idea like this for a user to better understand their terms of service and privacy policy.  Let me know in comments if you have come across the better terms of service page around the web.


Your feedbacks are welcome. :)

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