Let’s Learn to Code

Learn to Code
New Year Resolution – 2013

Last year there was a lot of buzz around there on hacker news whether learn to code or not. while most people agreed that everyone should learn programming, Jeff Atwood requested not to learn to code.

Even Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of New York city owed to learn it.

I had already tried couple of times and gave up after certain attempts due to some other reasons. But, this time I seriously decided to do it. Even one of resolution in this year is to learn programming. I choose codeschool, treehouse and codecademy  to start to learn. But, All I want to do is stick to the plan unlike the previous attempts on various other things.  So planned to spend at least an hour per day to learn coding. Already I spend quite some time on learning html5 and css3. My next plan is to learn JavaScript as well and then move to either ruby or python.

I stated reading a lot of blogs and  articles on programming and web design and found some of the tutorials quite useful to learn easily.

Tutorials to learn css3 and html5:

Other resources:

Do you think you wanna learn to code? Well,  join with me then. Lets learn together.

P.S: I’ll update these resources and my learning experience as I progress further. Your suggestions  are appreciated. You should follow me on twitter.


Your feedbacks are welcome. :)

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