For the Joy of Photography


image(Photograph by Monica Szczupider, Your Shot)

Some of my favorite images are snapshots—simple, unpretentious, and made totally without any desire to show my background as a professional photographer. They are images made for the sheer of joy of it—pictures, for example, of my daughter being chased by our collie across the yard or my wife with our three children playing in the surf. They capture a moment, perfectly arrested in time, a moment that, by grace of a camera, can be relived and enjoyed.

It is for these reasons we created Your Shot for everyone and anyone who loves to take pictures. It was launched in the magazine in April 2006. The range of images you’ve shared with us is as broad as the world is wide. We’ve been amazed, astonished, and inspired. And we’ve grown. By now, Your Shot has over 300,000 members in 196 different countries.

The journey continues. In early May, we will relaunch Your Shot. We’ll broaden our community and make the experience even more enriching. We’ve updated the site with bigger photos, easier navigation, and powerful search tools. There is a new feature called Assignments & Stories. We assign a topic or idea for you to shoot—then publish the best in a crowdsourced story. And we’ll highlight your photos and the stories behind them. It’s all about sharing our belief in the power and joy of photography.

Chris Johns
Editor in Chief
National Geographic Magazine

Behind the photo: Monica Szczupider’s photograph was chosen for Visions of Earth in the November 2009 issue of National Geographic magazine: Cameroon—At the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, more than a dozen residents form a gallery of grief, looking on as Dorothy—a beloved female felled in her late 40s by heart failure—is borne to her burial.